Energy Report February

Blessings Beautiful Heart,

since January, we are carried by a constant wave of energy that will become even stronger in February.

Solar activity is high and geomagnetic storms are increasing. (more info HERE) The Schumann frequency is increasing its dissonance and more and more volcanoes are getting active worldwide.

The eruption of the Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai submarine volcano on January 14th was of extreme magnitude and initiated a series of quantum-level changes. The energy wave was clearly felt (and measurable worldwide) and it indicated a new opening, both of the Earth and of consciousness.

The following Wolf Moon on January 18th added to that, making it easier for us to get to our deepest and previously hidden feelings and to release limitations of various kinds (programs, karmic entanglements, patterns, implants, ancestral contracts....) with new ease.

In my healing sessions during the last few weeks I observed further acceleration: The speed, ease and complexity of healing, transformation and DNA activation while integrating new multidimensional parts and abilities are unique and beautiful!

When people are willing, ready, open and do their inner work constantly the positive shifts can be huge. Self-Responsibility is the ability to respond to what is offered by the divine.

I also observe that our physical body becomes more and more resilient, and the recovery phases after deep healing and transformational processes shorten more and more. Isn't that wonderful?

In order to continue creating our vision in the physical, which we had written down at the turn of the year we should use our precious life force wisely in February.

If you don't have clarity concerning your vision yet, read again the free articles Retrospect and Creation 2022 and A Beetle On Its Back.

We keep changing quickly on all levels. When raising our frequency, we are able to integrate our cosmic self.



January 30: Opening of passage for the multiple 2 portals from February 2 until February 22 ~ Good time to pause, make space in your calendar for the next few days. The following 7 days should be used wisely as they offer much energetic support for a paradigm shift.

February 1: New Moon at 06:46:00 am CET (UTC + 1) ~ Mystical Energy. Clarity on where you are still losing/wasting precious life force. Watch out for people who suddenly show up that day and make demands. Lightworkers & therapists watch out for these types of clients and feel free to say No.

February 2: 22222 Portal ~ Extreme amplification of the 2 energy. The Divine Mother, care for others and self-care, focus on relationships and collaborations. All these themes will be important throughout the whole year 2022.

February 6: Global Energy Transmission at 6:00 pm ~ Healing, Clearing, Transformation. Raising vibration and thus supporting the integration of the Cosmic Self.

February 16: Full Moon at 5:56:30 pm CET (UTC + 1) ~ Amplification of the divine feminine energy. How is your process of self-empowerment coming along? Clarity about still existing feminine victim programs and good possibility to let go of them.

February 22: 222222 Portal ~ Exponential frequency rise and very rare portal day (6x2). We are using the energy wave that has been building since the opening of the two passage (January 30) to receive the full range of divine feminine energies. We are taking our vision to the next phase of implementation.

February 25: Closing of the multiple 2 Passage ~ Take time to write down your insights and experiences, as well as the downloads and activations you received. What has changed? What is your next step to create your vision?


I wish you a magical February and
may humor always be with you!



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